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YOU ARE HOLY (Isaiah 6)

Updated: Jan 25

I’ve played this song since 1999 when I wrote it prior to a youth revival service in Texas! We performed it relentlessly all over the nation with our band Radiant Worship because of the release of the Glory of God that seemed to accompany it. It's been recorded dozens of times by other artists and in many different languages. You can get a mechanical license for the song via Watershed Music.

We've also complied a YouTube Playlist of multiple recorded versions!

Here is the official lyrics. CCLI# 5212125

YOU ARE HOLY (Isaiah 6)

©2000 Richy Clark, words and lyrics

Verse 1: I saw the Lord seated on His throne He was clothed in glory and exalted high And the train of His robe filled the temple The angels circled around Him and cried

Chorus: You are holy, oh so holy, You are holy Lord of all

Verse 2: Woe is me, for I’m unclean, But my eyes have seen the Holy King And He cleansed my lips before I died And the pillars shook as the angels cried

Here is Radiant Worship's version for 2012 in Apple Music.

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