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As Kingdom Christians, we engage in politics where there is opportunity, not with a political spirit which makes power and self-preservation the goal, but with the Spirit of Christ, which makes love the goal. [MATT 22-37-40]

If we have an opportunity (such as in a democracy) to vote, we vote from those Kingdom values. (Such as the Lord's value for all life, including the unborn)

Our understanding of those values grow as we are conformed into the image, heart and mind of Christ. We also start to see HOW God's Kingdom grows! [ROM 12:2]

You'll discover over time as you grow as a citizen of the Kingdom of God, that His values don't always fit well into either side of the political spectrums talking points, because His values are about loving others, not having power and control over others. (changed hearts, change laws)

So what do we do??

"Seek FIRST the KINGDOM OF GOD ... and HIS righteousness, and all things will be added to you!" [MATT 6:33]

FIRST.. Seek to see the Kingdom. (understand, participate) Jesus said, "be born again and you will SEE the Kingdom of Heaven." [John 3:3] Once we start to see it, we seek God's Kingdom to be advanced, first. (souls become the priority)

SECOND.. Seek HIS righteousness. When we live from His righteousness, not self-righteousness, (like the Pharisees) we become agents of grace and healing to our culture.

How do we vote??

We vote Kingdom values as the Spirit leads with our allegiance and hope ultimately not in humans, but in Christ. Voting in a democracy is an act of governing, so we govern with righteousness and discernment, by faith.

We understand that our PRIMARY way to influence the world is through prayer and the turning of hearts to Jesus. Governments will fade, but HIS KINGDOM (which you are invited to participate in) will last forever! AMEN! GLORY

--- Christian, I understand that this is but a short snippet post, and in no way can exhaust these topics, but I hope you are challenged to pursue God's heart and mind as a citizen of God's Kingdom in these difficult times! You are loved! = Pastor Richy Clark

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