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Asbury Revival | Are We Spiritually Hungry?

Updated: Feb 17

I personally love what is taking place as Asbury! I believe it is the result of genuine spiritual hunger. Joshua stayed the tent of meeting after Moses, because he wanted to know God himself. This kind of sincere hunger can produce these kinds of results. God is answering the hunger with His manifest Presence.

Those flocking to Asbury come with a built in expectation to meet God, whether they understand the spiritual dynamics or not, this expectation is often met by a very gracious Holy Spirit.

God can pour out His Spirit anywhere, anytime, anyplace to the sincere, humble and hungry.

How is this happening? While God of course reserves all the right to be Sovereign and pour out His Spirit where He wishes, I do not believe this move of God has anything to do with prophetic words (though they can indicate times and seasons) special locations, the perfect amount of round-the-clock prayer, perfect theology, the right guest speaker or demons being meticulously displaced. This is God answering spiritual hunger, and many of us around the world are hungry!

This hunger and intercession may have been in the spirit realm, if you will, waiting for decades, sown by others; but revival always begins with a prayer meeting. One sows another reaps but it is GOD who gives the increase!

I am so thankful He is pouring out His Spirit at Asbury! May God use these young people to impact the nations! May many be awakened to the realities of a faith empowered by the Holy Spirit. May the Church look like the Church Jesus started.

We dishonor the Holy Spirit in revival when we fail to validate His manifest Presence in our every day lives.

Is it revival? That’s a word that can be parsed into multiple definitions. But I will say it seems to be an outpouring of His Spirit, which can lead to transformation of cities through those who choose to let the Spirit take residence in a permanent way in their lives.

Come Holy Spirit.

When it comes to revival, God Himself is not interested in promoting a specific ministry or person, endorsing or empowering a political party, monetizing, branding or selling merchandise or validating unfulfilled egos. No, He is interested in His Glory and His church becoming the church He started. Your personal response can make a world of difference. Richy Clark

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