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Richy’s passion is for the Church to to be awakened to her spiritual union with Jesus through prayer. Mostly known as the author of the song “You are Holy (Isaiah 6),” Richy Clark has served in occupational ministry for over 25 years, 7 of those years as the Lead Pastor of Freedom Church in Texas. His experience as a pastor and worship leader lend him perspective to serve churches at all stages of their growth and functions in the body; with an added prophetic anointing and a bit of humor. He is a husband and father of 5 children, all who still live in the house.


Richy continues to write music, travel and minister in a revivalist / prophetic anointing, often gathering regions together for prayer. Richy currently serves as the Director of Lighthouse Prayer Center, Magnolia, Tx. (Formerly Freedom Church)


Richy is a graduate of the Joshua School of Ministry, Houston Texas, 1998

Jesus Culture School of Leadership, Sacramento, Ca

Undergraduate of the University of Hard Knox


1996 to 2002 - Youth Pastor & Evangelist at Christ the King Church, Conroe, Tx

2002-2012 - Director of “Radiant Worship,” traveling worship & prophetic ministry

2002-2010 - “The Call” Mobilizer and Worship Leader

2008-2015 - Senior Staff & The International House of Prayer, (IHOP-KC) Kansas City, Mo

2010 to 2015 - Mobilizer and Worship Leader for the Response USA

2015-2022 - Lead Pastor of Freedom Church, Magnolia, Tx

2022-Present - Director of Lighthouse Prayer Center, Magnolia, Tx

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